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Linear changelog - 2019-10-15

This week we have updates on comments, inviting and a large list of smaller improvements and fixes.
Linear changelog - 2019-10-15
By Linear team • Issue #7 • View online
This week we have updates on comments, inviting and a large list of smaller improvements and fixes.

Improved comments
Comments are now editable by the submitter. Once edited, there will indication that edits were made. We also fixed TODO lists inside comments and they can be (un)checked after comment is submitted.
Timestamps on comments and other issue history entries now work as link so you’ll be able to share a single comment.
Invite your team
Inviting your team is now easier with dedicated invite links. To grab your personal share link, head to People tab under settings. As always, you’ll also be able to invite your team with email.
Link to issues in GitHub
While not a new feature on Linear, we thought it would be worth mentioning that GitHub has added ability to autolink issue ID with external issue tracker. This of course works with Linear, and you’ll be able to set it up under repository settings for each team. Just map your team key (e.g. KEY-) to Linear URL (<num>). Don’t forget to replace the team key with yours.
Other improvements and fixes
  • Multiple GitHub pull requests are now combined into a single indicator on lists and boards which makes it easier to open the correct PR through the command menu
  • Clearing search input doesn’t open search page anymore
  • Search results can now be filtered by team
  • Selecting issue filters in the issue sidebar now includes ability to create and assign a new label if one isn’t found
  • Archiving issues from a board lane now respects active filter
  • Several fixes to keyboard navigation under projects
  • Opening an issue will now mark all notifications for that issue as read
  • Action to clear Inbox has been renamed as “clear all notifications”
  • Board now includes full issue title
  • Team and label names are now unique
  • Cycle menu now uses command menu and includes action to favorite cycle
  • Feedback form now caches the message locally so that you don’t loose text upon accidental close
  • Typed in arrows in descriptions and comments now get converted into unicode characters
  • Improvements to data sync protocol
  • Fix to fetching Figma preview in certain cases
  • Fix to ordering issues on the board view
  • Fix to workflow status ordering bug

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