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Linear changelog and updates

Linear changelog and updates

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Linear changelog - Graph improvements & Cycle capacity

Graph improvementsWe've enhanced graphs on project and cycle views. They now have separate lines for Started and Completed issues and show you more details around what types of issues were completed.Previously, the progress line in graphs reflected the sum of…


Linear changelog - Fixes & Improvements

Fixes & ImprovementsAt the bottom of every Linear changelog lives a long bullet point list of smaller changes. We call this list Fixes & Improvements. The items on this list usually don't get a lot attention, because they don't look as exciting as the…


Linear changelog - Third-party Application Approvals

We’ve been working on improvements to how third-party applications are managed at the workspace level. Admins on the Plus plan will now be able to approve or deny requests to install third-party applications from other members.Visit your workspace application…


Linear changelog - Board Ordering

We are adding the option to choose between different board ordering preferences. Previously, it was only possible to order issues on a board manually. With this change you can now order issues on your board by priority, creation date, due date, or many other …


Linear changelog - Project updates, Teams page, CSV export

Project UpdatesToday, we're releasing Project updates to everyone, alongside enhancements to our Slack and Inbox notifications.Project updates are short status reports that keep everyone informed about the progress and health of your projects. They appear dir…


Linear changelog - Project Updates Preview

Project Updates PreviewWe are introducing a brand new concept in Linear called Project Updates. These are short status reports that keep everyone informed about the progress and health of your projects.Project Updates consist of two components: A health indic…


Linear changelog - Sub-issues improvements, Airbyte integration

Sub-issues improvementsSub-issues have received a major upgrade and now include features like bulk selection, templates, duplicating a parent and its sub-issues, turning checklists into sub-issues, adding existing issues and even converting to a project.Learn…


Linear changelog - Integration Directory

Integration directoryWe made a decision early on to share our API publicly and prioritize support for creators using it. This has made it easy for companies to integrate Linear with their existing workflows and favorite tools as well as build Linear integrati…


Linear changelog - Inline editing

Inline editingEditing and creating issues should be as fast and seamless as possible, so now we are introducing inline editing, which means that you can edit the issue title and description directly on the issue page. Just click on the issue description or ti…


Linear changelog - Combined Board & Issue view, Triage in views, Slack templates & labels

Combined Board and Issue viewAs part of streamlining the sidebar, we have combined the team Board and Issue views. We have removed the Board view option and now let you switch between board and list layouts in the Issue view by toggling the buttons in the top…


Linear changelog - Discord integration

Discord integrationWe want to make it as fast and easy as possible to track your team's ongoing work with Linear. Discord has increased in popularity especially among Linear's web3 customers and today we're excited to add it to our growing list of integration…


Linear changelog - Project backlog & grouping

Project backlog & grouping Today we’re introducing the project backlog. We want to make it easier to structure, prioritize, and plan upcoming projects inside of Linear – to build a place where ideas grow into fully planned projects.The project backlog pro…


Linear changelog - Favorite folders

Favorite foldersWe've added folders to your Favorites section to keep it tidy and well-organized. You'll see the option to create a folder by hovering over the word Favorites in your sidebar. To add favorites to a folder, open the folder and then drag and dro…


Linear changelog - New desktop app, Board navigation, Help Center

New desktop appWe released a new version of our desktop app. In addition to under-the-hood updates, we've made visual changes to the application and other small updates to make the app feel more native-like. This includes a translucent sidebar for macOS, whic…


Linear changelog - Sidebar update, Conversation previews, Automated Sentry issues

Sidebar updateLast week, we pushed out changes to the sidebar navigation which added team icons and sub- menus, with the goal of making it easier to navigate team views. This improved the experience for many users, but added more steps for users who frequentl…


Linear changelog - GitHub commit linking, Inbox filters, SOC 2 Type II, New sidebar release

GitHub commit linking Our GitHub integration just got better with the addition of the ability to trigger workflows from commit messages. Simply add magic words (e.g. closes ENG-123) to your commit messages and we'll move the issue to In Progress when the bran…


Linear changelog - Preview: New sidebar & team icons, Triage split view release

Preview: New sidebar & team iconsWe've improved the design of the sidebar and condensed the immediately visible views, making it easier to navigate. Team sections now show fewer links: Issues, Projects, and when enabled Cycles and Triage. Hovering over th…


Linear changelog - Link with Jira, Workspace labels, Document templates

Link with JiraIf moving your whole company to Linear all at once is not feasible, or if your company prefers to gradually switch to new software, Link can help you stay informed during this adjustment period. Rather than cutting over immediately with an impor…


Roadmap filters, Placeholders for templates, Split Inbox release

Filters for Roadmap & ProjectsWe recently overhauled filters for issues and now we've also added filters to the Roadmap and Projects pages. These filters will help you get a better view of what's going on in your projects and refine views to just the proj…


Linear changelog - Split Inbox Preview, New Linear Guide, Workspace-level Templates

Split Inbox PreviewWe've updated the Inbox layout to use two columns. The left-hand column shows the list of issues. You can scroll through notifications, take actions on issues, and delete notifications from this list just like you could previously. The righ…